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It’s really important you pay your rent in advance at all times. If at any time you are unable to make a rental payment, please contact your property manager. If you do not pay your rent on time and neglect to contact our office you will be issued a Breach Notice. If you still don’t pay your rent, we would have you evicted!

Our office does not receipt rent in cash or card form. All rent payments must be made via Automatic Payment using the property address, your surname and mobile phone number as reference points. Please advise your property manager the name of your bank from which Automatic Payments will be deducted and request they provide you with an Authority for Automatic Payments form.

This report is very important to you as it outlines the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy, and is used at the end of your tenancy to assess whether you are leaving the property in the same condition as when you moved in.

You are provided a copy of the Property Condition Report at the start of the tenancy – which you sign and date. You then have 3 business days to return this with any changes you feel are appropriate.

Your rental bond is equivalent to 4 weeks’ rent. It must be paid to us before we will release the keys to the property to you.

We will inspect your property approximately 3 times per year. We will contact you in advance to arrange a convenient time and will always ensure that we give you plenty of notice.

We will always leave you a business card to ensure you know we have attended. We do take pictures of the property for the owner.

All repairs must be requested in writing unless it is an emergency repair. To lodge a request simply go to our website and complete our Maintenance Request form online.

We hold spare keys in the office for your property. In the event you want to change your locks for any reason you must provide us a full set of the new keys and seek permission in writing before you arrange to get the locks changed. You would borne this cost.

It is expected at the end of the tenancy that all keys are returned.

The owner’s insurance on the property does not cover for the loss or damage to your contents. We strongly advise you to take out your own content insurance to protect your interest from unforeseen event.

You are not allowed to sublet your property to others. If there is a change of tenants at the property then a Tenancy Application form must first be lodged and approved by your property manager. A lease amendment would need to be made.

Transferring of bond monies must be done between entering and exiting tenants – a Change of Shared Bond form will need to be filled out and lodged with Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Make an appointment with your property manager to arrange this.

Your tenancy agreement is a legal binding contract providing protection to you and the property owner. You can only terminate this agreement in one of the following ways:

  • If you intend to vacate at the end of your fixed term tenancy, you are required to give us notice in writing. If the tenancy is a periodic tenancy then you need to provide 21 days’ written notice.
  • If you are breaking your lease term then you would need to contact the property manager to submit your notice in writing with a valid reason. There would be a fee associated with this which would need to be paid before the bond is refunded.

Please either post or drop the notice into our office. If you are sending it by email to the property manager– be sure to call and ensure that they have received it!