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Owning, managing and tenanting a rental property is a major commitment not only of financial investment but also of time. This is where we can help you by providing peace of mind by removing the hassle factor.

We work on your behalf to ensure that your rental property is managed to high professional standards. We have the experience and know how to manage your property to ensure it is efficiently maintained. We will provide quality tenants to protect your investment and ensure you the best possible return. An additional benefit is the cost of our commercial property management service is fully tax deductible.

Commercial Property Management FAQs

There are various types of commercial properties options available depending on your preference ranging from office, retail to industrial warehouses.

The return is calculated as a percentage of the value of your investment and depending on the term of the lease, the financial strength of the tenant and the location of the property. Good quality investments attract a return of approximately 5%~ 6% and those of a lesser quality would attract between 8.5% ~ 10% per annum.

An Agreement to Lease normally is a preliminary document, which is prepared by a commercial real estate agent and contains the basic information agreed on by the Landlord and Tenant, e.g. term of lease, rental and brief description of premises.

The formal Deed of Lease is normally prepared in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement to Lease and may relate to various commercial premises such as office and retail premises to industrial premises.

This is subject to negotiation with the Tenant. Generally, a tenant will want flexibility by having an initial term with rights of renewal to enable them to depart the premises if their situation changes.

A square metre rate is applied to the floor area depending on the type of the property and its condition, their location and term of the lease. We recommend to use a registered valuer to determine market rental for your property.

Most commercial leases require the tenant to pay in addition to rental, the building outgoings e.g. council rates, insurance premium, body corporate fees, fire and monitoring fees, fit outs and reinstatement costs.