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Selling your home can be a stressful process. At Premier Realty we are here to guide you through the process and achieve result you’re after.

Why Use Premier Realty

What we offer

At Premier Realty, we are qualified & licensed real estate agency in Christchurch, combined with the knowledge and experience we are able to guide you through the key steps necessary to identify the most effective campaign that focuses on the right target market for your property. We have established a reputation for quality marketing, service, professionalism and outstanding sales results.


Customised targeted marketing campaigns – we design and develop a campaign that ensures best possible exposure to getting the prospective buyers for your property.

Showing your home to its best advantage – High resolution photography to highlight your property’s best features.

Comprehensive internet coverage – Your listing will be displayed on our website We would recommend to further promote your property to be advertised on the following websites and

How we work for you

Premier Realty provides a comprehensive real estate service which includes:

  • A professional residential sales service that includes in-house marketing, graphics, database and photography.
  • We use the latest real estate technology to streamline our documentation and administrative processes.

Our Company background

Premier Realty is independently owned and operated by Jeff Wong.

Jeff is inspired and thrives on the exciting, fast paced environment of real estate since 2006. He is a positive and passionate person by nature.

Jeff’s excellent international communication skills are the perfect complement to his sales expertise in the vibrant, multi-cultural Christchurch market. Confidently catering to the needs of both new and established New Zealander’s with warmth and enthusiasm, Jeff speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Bahasa Malaysia fluently.

A background in a property degree majoring in Valuation and Property Management has perfected Jeff’s impeccable interpersonal skills. The satisfaction of helping people to achieve their property dreams drives him. He understands and appreciates that everyone has busy lifestyle and selling their homes is a major milestone. He loves to be able to minimise your stress by doing the right thing wherever he can. He has the energy, humility and manner to ensure selling your property a very rewarding experience.

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Method of Sale

Marketing with a Price

By far the most popular and effective way to sell a property. Realistic priced property would be sold in a shorter time frame compared to an unrealistic overpriced property which would only help sell other listings. Your sales consultant can help you to set the right market price by taking into account several factors such as homes with similar properties e.g. age, built, construction, section size, floor area etc that is currently on the market or already sold as a comparable price to be considered.

No Price Marketing

This approach is used when it is hard to estimate the price a property is likely to sell for. Marketing without a price create exposure to all buyers at every price level to have the opportunity to inspect the property.


An auction is an open process where every interested buyers would come to bid against other buyers to purchase the property.


A very similar method to Auction, where interested purchaser would have their offer written and submitted in a closed envelope to be opened on closing date of the campaign whereby all offers would be presented to the vendor for consideration.

Marketing Your Property

The sole aim of marketing strategy is to generate quality enquiries from the market place to achieve a sale in the shortest possible time frame for your property.

The Campaign

You will receive a marketing calendar which details dates and publication of the campaign.

Successful Outcome

Our aim is to get your property sold within the desired timeframe and at a net return that meets or exceeds your expectations and that you receive a thoroughly positive service experience from us.

Feedback & Buyer follow up

Every buyer visiting your property will be asked to sign our register to ensure a record of who have been through and for security purposes. Follow up calls following the open homes or viewings to gain feedback and more importantly, their levels of interest in the property.

Sellers’ FAQs

The REAA Act 2008 requires that we give you a copy of the New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreement Guide before you sign the authority as well as signing the appropriate consent forms.

An agency agreement is a contract between you and a real estate company where it sets out the terms and conditions, e.g. putting a sign on your property, advertising, arranging inspections, receiving a deposit on your behalf and deducting agent’s commission from the deposit when the offer becomes unconditional. You’ll be asked about any property alterations, reasons for selling, your time frame, if there is any requisitions or notices from the local council (availability of LIM report, Building report or Code of Compliance available). We’ll also require your address, legal description of the property and your contact details, as well as a list of chattels that will remain with the house. You’ll need to be honest and ensure that all information you provide are accurate and factual. If you knowingly mislead you may leave yourself open to legal action.

A maximum of 90 days from the signing of the contract.

Yes, salesperson should hold a current licence – ask for proof if necessary.

This is a legal document that the seller and the buyer sign when you are negotiating to purchase a property. We recommend that you seek legal advice before signing this.

It is your house and you are under no obligation to accept the first offer. However, we must pass on to you any offers and cannot turn down any on your behalf. Our role is to educate the buyers to submit a fair offer that reflects the market conditions on the day.

The vendor’s and purchaser’s solicitors will be ready with settlement statements. Once the purchaser’s solicitor has transferred the monies owing to the vendors to the vendor’s account, settlement can take place. A confirmation of this is sent to the real estate office. Only then we can release the house keys to the new owners.