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  1. Premier Realty Limited shall maintain a Register of Complaints and Disputes (‘the Register’)
  2. Prospective clients, clients and customers (‘Client’) may lodge a complaint or give notice of a dispute using Premier Realty’s in-house procedures as well as accessing the Real Estate Agents Authority complaints process.
  3. Clients who wish to lodge a complaint or have a dispute resolved (‘complaint’) and use Premier Realty’s in-house procedures can either:
  • Contact the business owner of Premier Realty by telephone and outline the nature of their complaint;or
  • Write to the business owner formally lodging the complaint.

4. If a Client chooses to contact Premier Realty, the business owner will walk through all issues raised, either during the initial phone call or if necessary during a return phone call.

If the Client is satisfied with the explanations given, the business owner will write a letter to the Client within 5 working days outlining the nature of the complaint and explanations given.

The business owner shall create a file and enter the file reference in the Register.

5. If the Client chooses to raise their complaint formally (either in the first instance or if they are not satisfied by the explanations given), then the Client shall write to the business owner and state:

  • the nature of their complaint
  • the salesperson licensee the complaint is against
  • all parties involved in the complaint
  • the remedy being sought
  • the complainant’s full name and address

6. The business owner shall create a file and enter the file reference in the Register and shall send a letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint within 2 working days. The business owner shall obtain a written response from the salesperson within 5 working days of receipt of the complaint.

7. The business owner shall respond in writing within 10 working days of receipt of the complaint and cover:

  • the nature of the complaint
  • the salesperson’s response
  • a suggested resolution
  • ask whether the complainant accepts or rejects the suggested resolution
  • an invitation to meet in the offices or Premier Realty to discuss the complaint further

8. Real Estate Agents Act (Professional Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2009

Rule 10.3: The Client can access the Real Estate Agency Authority’s complaint process without first having to use the Agent’s in-house procedure. The Client can use the Agent’s in-house procedures and also make a complaint to the authority.

9. Business Owner: Jeff Wong – Director  (Licensed Agent REAA 2008)
Mob: 021361686
Postal address: PO Box 8045 Riccarton Christchurch 8440